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Wednesday, 14 June 2017



Registration opened (Reception area of UK FTVS)


Eass Board Meeting (UK FTVS, U20)



Registration opened (Lobby of Aula Magna of the Carolinum)



Opening Ceremony in Great Hall of the Carolinum

Welcome Cocktail in Gothic Cellar of the Carolinum


Thursday, 15 June 2017


Registration opened (Reception area of UK FTVS )


Keynote by Professor Otmar Weiss: Sport, Societal Values, and Identity


Main auditorium

Chair: Parry, Jim

eass Honorary Membership for Otmar Weiss: awarding by Nagel, Siegfried


Coffee break/Hallway by the Main Auditorium








S1 Sport Policy and Governance I

S2 Sport, Modernity and Social Change

S3 Sport, Physical Activity and Social Group I

S4 Sport and Health

S5 Sport Spectatorship and Fandom I


Chair: Gross, Toomas

Chair: Thiel, Ansgar

Chair: Salmikangas, Anna-Katriina

Chair: Evans, Adam

Chair: Flatau, Jens


Scherer, Jay; Davidson, Judy; Kafara, Rylan

Urban Governance and the Politics of a Publicly-Funded Arena and Entertainment District: Community Benefits? 

Connolly, John; Dolan, Paddy

The rise of ‘Player power’: Shifting power relations and inter-generational tensions in the Gaelic Athletic Association 

Tallarita, Loredana

Sport and wellness: Luxury Status Symbol 

Sobiech, Gabriele Petra

Fitness and health in times of demographic change: Intersectional analysis of the “self- techniques” of older women 

Brewin, Mark Winston

Sporting publics, sporting networks: media, sport, and the re-imagination of community 


Wu, Sa; Zainuddin, Zaifilla Farrina; Chang, Juan

Barriers to Governmental Procurement of Public Sport Services from Social Forces in China: A Qualitative Study 

Lee, Myungsun

Globalisation and Athletic Naturalisation in South Korea: A case study of Chinese table tennis players’ 

Bardocz-Bencsik, Mariann; Dóczi, Tamás

Sport for development and peace – an example from Cambodia 

Bergsgard, Nils Asle


Sport equals health – true or false? Arguments, legitimation and results 


Giannikos, Georgios

Fans of Greek refugee football teams: Constructing and Reproducing a refugee identity 


Luo, Yufeng; Huang, Xifa; Wu, Sa

Strategic Analysis of the Occupation Skill Identification System of China’s Sports Industry 

Gonzalez de la Fuente, Eduardo

Traditional Values, Martial Arts Tourism and National Branding: the case of Okinawan Karate 

Schlesinger, Torsten; Oelze, Janine; Schulz, Henry

Familial mechanisms for the development of sports motoric skills of children at the age of school enrolment 

Terral, Philippe

Developing sport and health programs to differentiate itself from the traditional sports offer: The intersectoral strategy of Toulouse Aviron Sport Leisure 

Grodecki, Mateusz

Building Social Capital. The Case of Football Supporters in Poland 


Sterchele, Davide; Ferrero Camoletto, Raffaella

Governing bodies or managing freedom? Subcultural struggles, national sport systems and the glocalised institutionalisation of parkour 

Nevala, Arto; Itkonen, Hannu; Salmikangas, Anna-Katriina

From rural areas to cities: Geography of the Finnish football as a part of changes in sport culture and society 

Powis, Benjamin

"Eass YRA Honourable Mention"
We are playing for England, we wear the same shirt, just because I have a disability it doesn't make me any different”: Empowerment, Eliteness, and Visually Impaired Cricket. 

Mutz, Michael; Albrecht, Peggy

Meeting the WHO Physical Activity Guidelines: A Question of Measurement? 

Kossakowski, Radosław

From communist fan clubs to ‘parliamentarization’ of fights. History of Polish fandom as a social process. 


Putzmann, Ninja

Comparing sport policy systems in Europe: Interdependencies between sport and politics 

Kafara, Rylan; Scherer, Jay; Davidson, Judy

The Grassroots Response to Professional Sports Related Urban Development: The Formation of the Edmonton Community Benefits Coalition 

Thing, Lone Friis; Nielsen, Stine Frydendal

Who is zooming who”? A narrative analysis of how sporting identities are negotiated in upper secondary school essays. 

Evans, Adam B.; Cooper, Natalie; Henderson, Hannah; Windard, Donna

Narratives of physical activity amongst those diagnosed with cancer: Reflections from the 'Get Active Feel Good' physical activity programme 

Antonowicz, Dominik; Kossakowski, Radosław; Jakubowska, Honorata

Barbarians at the gate? Female fans on the Polish football stands 


Kassimeris, Christos

Apolitical UEFA plays politics with football 

McGee, Darragh

Youth, Reinventive Institutions and the Moral Politics of Future-Making on the African Postcolony: Reflections from the Right to Dream Academy, Ghana 

Hasanen, Elina

Social spaces of young people’s unorganized physical activity 

Mayer, Jochen; Burgess, Stephanie; Thiel, Ansgar

Return-to-play decision making strategies in German team sports athletes 

Mazurkiewicz, Michał

''I am Not Ashamed of Jesus'' – Religion and Religiousness in Polish Sports Fandom 



Lunch/Faculty restaurant


Keynote by Professor Niko Besnier: From Global South to Global North: Sport, Gender, and Precarity


Main auditorium

Chair: Nagel, Siegfried


Coffee break /Hallway by the Main Auditorium








S6 Sport Policy and Governance II

S7 Values in Combat Sports and Martial Arts (IMACSSS) / Special Session


S8 Elite and Mass Sport Events

S9 Open session

S10 Sport Spectatorship and Fandom II


Chair: Scherer, Jay

Chair: Cynarski, Wojciech

Chair: Sobry, Claude

Chair: Sobiech, G.Petra

Chair: Giannikos, Georgios


Evans, Adam; Nistrup, Anne; Pfister, Gertrud

Physical activity as a mean of health promotion in the ageing population – Shifting Health policies in Denmark 

Cynarski, Wojciech; Yu, Jong-Hoon

Ethical values in jujutsu of Japanese origin 

Graeff, Billy

The Perceptions of Porto Alegre Residents Impacted by the FIFA 2014 World Cup Works 

Stråhlman, Owe

Possibilities to combine academic studies and elite sport 

Constandt, Bram; Willem, Annick

Fans as stakeowners: A case-study analysis in professional club football 


Stenling, Cecilia; Fahlén, Josef

Navigating the cross-breeze: institutional reciprocity in sport club governance 

Martínková, Irena; Parry, Jim; Vágner, Michal

Contribution of martial arts to moral development 

Patsantaras, Nikolaos

Post-modern Sport Reflections in the Shadow of Tradition: The case of the 2016 Athens Authentic Marathon 

Chladová, Marta

They have to break through initial prejudice”: Female sports journalists from the perspective of male colleagues 

Petersen-Wagner, Renan

Supporting-Apart-Together: The Transnational Love for a Football Club 


Juncà, Albert; Bort, Judit; Puig, Anna

Increasing path users through a participatory empowerment model. A case study in Catalonia 

Partiková, Veronika

Kung fu family: Is this tradition transferable to the West? 

Benabdelhadi, Mohammed Mounir; Boulerbah, Gharib; Bengrina, Mohamed Hamza; Benabdelhadi, Ahmed.
Economic, social and environmental impacts of road race on a city The actors strategies Half Marathon Bejaia case study 

Fry, John

Life in the Travelling Circus’: A Study of Loneliness, Work Stress, and Money Issues in Touring Professional Golf 

 Llopis-Goig, Ramon

Football clubs support in Spain. An analysis of what has and has not changed from 1984 to 2014


Pulles, Ine

The future of sport in the Netherlands: challenges and opportunities for sport policy 

Kitamura, Takahiro; Kawanishi, Masashi; Elmes, David

Student physical competence and the educational impact of budo in junior high schools in Japan 

Slepičková, Irena; Slepička, Pavel

Popularity of road races in the Czechia – sport for all or luxury leisure? 

Weis, Kurt

Adventures or Sports for Body and Soul? Body Techniques of Different Cultures for Extreme and Holistic Experiences 

Hjelseth, Arve

Biathlon Spectators - Fans, Supporters, or Followers? 


Müller-Schoell, Till; Scheerder, Jeroen

From sports systems to sports policy regimes: A research agenda on policy and politics in sport (POLIS) 

Maclean, Chloe

You must hit your mother!’: Re-evaluating gendered family structures through shared karate practice. 

Sobry, Claude

Sport Tourism International Researches; Prospect for a community of practice 

Bielec, Grzegorz

The 150th anniversary of ‘Falon”Polish Gymnastic Society


Flatau, Jens

Exit, Voice, and Loyalty– Understanding Fan Behaviour in Situations of Discontent 


Wojciechowski, Torsten

Bicameralism in National Sports Governing Bodies 

Jennings, George Bradley

De-Colonise Your Mind”: A Postcolonial Axiology of Social Media Shares by Mexican Martial Arts Associations

Gross, Toomas

Long-distance running as behavioural addiction in the context of Estonian marathon boom

Thorjussen, Ingfrid

Students stories of inclusion and exclusion in Physical Education 

Numerato, Dino

Football fan activism and collective memory






Marques, Renato Francisco Rodrigues; Schubring, Astrid; Barker-Ruchti, Natalie; Nunomura, Myrian; Menezes, Rafael Pombo; Marchi Junior, Wanderley

The dual career: Experiences of Brazilian men elite futsal players 



Conference drink hosted by Taylor & Francis

Acrobatic Rock and Roll Performance

Faculty Courtyard


ejss board meeting, UK FTVS U20


Individual programme

UK FTVS students´ offer for young sport sociologists -Visit of Letenská pláň, social activities (Petanque,etc.)






Friday, 16 June 2017


Registration opened (Reception area of UK FTVS)


Keynote by Professor Cora Burnett: Framing a 21st Century case for sport from the perspective of 'developing' economies


Main Auditorium

Chair: Martínková, Irena


Coffee break /Hallway by the Main Auditorium








S11 Sport Policy and Governance III

S12 Sport and Media I

S13 Sport, Integration and Disintegration I

S14 Understanding sport participation (MEASURE) / Special Session I


S15 Sport and Volunteering


Chair: Sterchele, Davide

Chair: Laine, Antti

Chair: Hovden, Jorid

Chair: Scheerder, Jeroen

Chair: Crossan, William


van Lindert, Caroline; Brandsema, Anouk; Scholten, Vera

The implementation of the instrument ‘community sport coach’ by local municipalities 

Oelrichs, Inga

Scandals in Sport reporting – Norms and values applied by the media 

Adler Zwahlen, Jenny

Analysis of the social integration of adolescents and young adults with migration background in sports clubs 

Nagel, Siegfried; Hayoz, Christelle; Klostermann, Claudia; Schlesinger, Torsten

Structural and individual factors of sports participation of youth – a comparison between German and French-speaking municipalities in Switzerland 

Itkonen, Hannu; Nevala, Arto; Salmikangas, Anna-Katriina

Why an Eastern-Finnish industrial community Varkaus was so successful sport city in 1960´s. 


Heim, Christopher John; Scheerder, Jeroen

A Multi-level Deployment of Corporate Social Responsibility as a Tool to Tackle Racism in European Football 

Delorme, Nicolas; Dumitriu, Diana

(In)Visibility of Female Athletes During Winter Olympics (1992-2010): A Meta-analysis. 

Brandmann, Katrin; Burrmann, Ulrike; Michelini, Enrico

Sport Offers for Young Unaccompanied Refugees in Germany. A SWOT Analysis 

Löbig, Anna; Ehnold, Peter; Schlesinger, Torsten

Analysing of dropout-processes of youth soccer players 

Van der Roest, Jan-Willem; van der Werff, Harold; Elmose-Østerlund, Karsten

Social Inclusion and Volunteering in Sports Clubs in Europe: a members’ perspective 


Figuerôa, Katiuscia Mello; Moraes e Silva, Marcelo; Mezzadri, Fernando Marinho

Public policies for high performance sport in Brazil: The sports intelligence project 

Plassard, Flora

Observing the ecology of professional cycling: Froome's incredible performance at the 2015 Tour de France 

Thedinga, Hendrik Karsten; Thiel, Ansgar

Obesity as a Barrier for Integration in Sport – Stigma Experiences of Obese People in Sport and Physical Activity Settings 

Lenartowicz, Michał

Class determinants of sport socialization, sport practices and consumption in Poland 

Salmikangas, Anna-Katriina; Ng, Kwok

Older populations active in the community through volunteering at the European Transplant Sports Week 2017 (ETSW) 


Mateu, Pau; Vilanova, Anna; Inglés, Eduard

Dual career programs in the Catalan university system. Organizational characteristics. 

Botiková, Zuzana

Attention media!” : Ethnography of a newsroom at a major sporting tournament 

Rankin-Wright, Alexandra Jill; Hylton, Kevin; Norman, Leanne

Coaching blind spots: Race and gender equality in sport coaching 

Nobis, Tina; El-Kayed, Nihad

Social Inequality and Sport – A multidimensional perspective 

Giel, Thomas; Breuer, Christoph

Interrelationships of motivation, satisfaction, and intention to continue of football referees 


Eliasson, Inger

To adapt sports and sport-practices to suit children – from vision to practice in Sweden


Bruce, Toni

Us and Them: Media Stereotyping Across Gender, Race/Ethnicity, Dis/Ability and Nationalism 

Acheampong, Ernest Yeboah; Bouhaouala, Malek; Raspaud, Michel

Explaining Ghanaian migrant players ‘giving back’ phenomenon: Obligation or Free Will? 

Hoekman, Remco; Breedveld, Koen; Kraaykamp, Gerbert

A socio-ecological perspective on sport participation: the effect of policies, sport facilities, and the social environment 

Sekot, Aleš

Sociological aspects of active modes of transport


Lunch/Faculty restaurant








S16 Sport, Integration and Disintegration II

S17 Sport and Media II.

S18 Sport and Commercialization I

S19 Understanding sport participation (MEASURE) / Special Session II


S20 Methodology in Sociology


Chair: Vehmas, Hanna

Chair: Botiková, Zuzana

Chair: Laszlo, Peter

Chair: Schlessinger, Torsten

Chair: Parry, Jim


Hovden, Jorid

Gender diversity in European sport leadership: challenges and strategies 

Free, Marcus

Migration and National Identity in Irish Media Representations of Rugby Union in the Professional Era 

Szerovay, Mihaly; Perényi, Szilvia

Hungary - Filling the gaps in the strategic state sector 

Kägi, Jan; Klostermann, Claudia; Hayoz, Christelle; Schlesinger, Torsten; Nagel, Siegfried

The impact of structural conditions in municipalities on sports participation of adolescents and young adults in Switzerland 

Jakubowska, Honorata

(In)visibility of knowledge transmission. The sociological possibilities to explore tacit knowledge in the sports field 


Bradbury, Steven

The under-representation and experiences of elite level minority coaches in professional football in England, France and the Netherlands 

Rightler-McDaniels, Jodi; McDaniels, Wilbert

White Privilege in a Nutshell”: The Racially Motivated Double Standard in Media Coverage of Colin Kaepernick 

Borgers, Julie; Scheerder, Jeroen

Fitness participation for all? The contribution of a for-profit business to reaching policy objectives 

Thibaut, Erik; Scheerder, Jeroen; Claes, Elien

How supply and demand factors determine sports participation and travel distance 

Svoboda, Arnošt

Subcultural capital as an analytical tool for studies of sporting subcultures 


Tuchel, Jacqueline; Schlesinger, Torsten

Practises in sports clubs to include refugees 

Kovacs, Agens

The nexus between Olympians and employees of the media in Hungary: Attitudes, satisfaction, rejection 

Hirata, Edson; Starepravo, Fernando Augusto

Public funds in Brazilian Professional Sports: The case of Basketball 

Seippel, Ørnulf; Bakken, Anders

Not Dropping Out of Sports: Age, Gender and Social Inequalities 

Thiel, Ansgar; Thedinga, Hendrik Karsten; Carl, Johannes

Mapping the Physical Activity and Sport Biography of Obese People - A Pilot Study 


Strandbu, Åse; Bakken, Anders; Sletten, Mira Aaboen

Sports participation among young people with immigrant parents – different patterns for boys and girls 

Matilainen, Pertti; Laine, Antti

Finnish Children and Adolescents Following Sport in the Media 

Leroux, Nathalie; Dalla Pria, Yan

Sports ethics and the marketisation of sports in France since the 1980s: an organisational field-based approach.


Høyer-Kruse, Jens

Sports facilities, user satisfaction and sport participation – preliminary findings and the road ahead 

Hognestad, Hans Kristian

The limits of 'sportology' - anthropological perspectives and the sociology of sport 


Coffee break/Hallway by the Main Auditorium








S21 Innovative and Sustainable Perspective of Sport Organizations (SORN) / Special Session I


S22 Philosophy and Sociology of Sport

S23 Sport and Commercialization II

S24 Sport and Ethics



Chair: Nagel, Siegfried

Chair: Svoboda, Arnošt

Chair: Slepičková, Irena

Chair: Martínková, Irena



Waardenburg, Maikel

Enacting instrumentality: why voluntary sport clubs take on a wider social role 

Crossan, William; Bednář, Miloš

A cross-sport comparison of the use of values in coaching: A case study from Czech sport 

Laine, Antti

haracteristics of the Private Sport Sector in Finland 

Haut, Jan

Impressed by success? On the perception of foreign athletes’ Olympic performances 



Scheerder, Jeroen; Willem, Annick; Claes, Elien  

National sport authorities and national sport bodies: it takes two to tango

Silva, Carla Filomena; Howe, Peter David

Exploring the ‘dilemma of difference’ to enhance the empowerment potential of the Paralympic Movement 

Peter, Laszlo

Romania - Private Sport Sector at the crossroads of Past Socialism and Present Capitalism 

De Waegeneer, Els; Willem, Annick

Assessing Moral Awareness on Match-fixing in Football 



Albrecht, Julia; Klenk, Christoffer; Nagel, Siegfried 

Conditions of participation in sport clubs for people with disabilities 

Froidevaux, Solène

Ethnographic Inquiry of Sport Shooters and Archers in Switzerland: a Possible Discussion with Philosophical Phenomenology ? 

Vehmas, Hanna; Piirainen, Arja; Matilainen, Pertti

Disc golf – a growing trend and business potential in sport participation 

Lara, Larissa Michelle; Rich, Emma

The ethical-aesthetic sense of the body in sport based on Physical Cultural Studies 



 Claes, Elien; Scheerder, Jeroen; van der Roest, Jan-Willem

Club organized sport in the Low Countries: a status quaestionis


Supruniuk, Tracy

The Athlete as Worker: Connecting Race, Labour Studies and the Sociology of Sport 

Bouhaouala, Malek

Entrepreneurs behaviours in outdoor sports tourism : between values and interests 

Perez, Carlos Rey; Rubio, Katia 


Friendship in sports practice: A humanistic approach in the narratives of Brazilian Olympic athletes 



Sightseeing tour by tram

Strahov Monastery (historical library) tour

Conference dinner at the restaurant “Velká klášterní restaurace”

Saturday, 17 June 2017


Registration opened (Reception area of UK FTVS)


S25 Abstract session (Walking Poster Presentations)


Hallway by the Main Auditorium

Chair: Kříž, Petr


Braumüller, Birgit


Using Facebook in sports contexts - a qualitative approach towards the functions of social networking sites for sports activities of young grown-ups in Germany. 


Rodríguez-Díaz, Alvaro


Sports Policies: between the participation and show. The Spanish case 


Cusí, Magda; Mateu, Pau; Andrés, Ana; Camps, Andreu


Sport practise among general population: gender differences in Catalonia 


Starepravo, Fernando Augusto; Milani, Fernanda Gimenez; de Andrade, Thais Andréa Puzzi; Hirata, Edson 

Profile of the development of public policies of sport and leisure in municipalities of the state of Parana-Brazil


Andrés, Ana; Mateu, Pau; Cusí, Magda; Camps, Andreu


Sport participation in Catalonia among adults 


Nakayama, Takeshi


Social and psychological factors related to physical activity involvement of Japanese elderly: Retest of analysis model using transtheoretical model components 


Slepička, Pavel; Slepičková, Irena


Social demographic factors and doping of Czech adolescents 


Coffee break/Hallway by the Main Auditorium








S26 Innovative and Sustainable Perspective of Sport Organizations (SORN) / Special Session II

S27 Sport, Femininity and Masculinity

S28 Sport, Physical Activity and Social Group II

S29 Sport and European/National Identities



Chair: Waardenburg, Maikel

Chair: Numerato, Dino

Chair: Tallarita, Loredana

Chair: Powis, Benjamin



Elmose-Østerlund, Karsten; Ibsen, Bjarne; Nagel, Siegfried; Scheerder, Jeroen

Social integration and volunteering in sports clubs in Europe. Combining knowledge on sports club policies, sports clubs and members in ten European countries


Phipps, Catherine

Student Union Athletic Societies and LGBTQ+ Inclusion in University-Based Sport 

Wiggers, Hiske; Shokoohi, Roya; de Jong, Johan; Slender, Hans; Verbree, Hanneke

Active living: The impact of renovating urban open spaces on increasing the level of physical activity among social groups 

García-Martí, Carlos

National Playing Styles Transformation: the End of the Spanish Fury and the Origins of the Tiki-Taka 



Slender, Hans; Boven, Magda; Dijk, Bake; de Jong, Johan

Vitalizing voluntary sport clubs: a process consultation approach 

Pringle, Richard

Changing sport masculinities? Critical reflections on homosexualities and inclusive masculinity theory 

Wickman, Kim

Children with Special Educational Needs and their Experiences and Perceptions of Physical Education 

Rojo-Labaien, Ekain

The Baku European Games as public relations undertaking of post-Soviet Azerbaijan 



Lucassen, Joseph 


Sport clubs organisational culture: a condition for a social service role? 

Lagaert, Susan; Roose, Henk

Gender differences in sport spectatorship and (fe)male adolescents’ gender identity, experienced pressure for gender-conformity and traditional gender role ideology 

Bentholm, Anette

When Physical Educators let pupils “pass” it makes them outsiders”- A sociological analysis of pupils with autism and ADHD in physical education (PE) at primary schools in Denmark 

Gerke, Markus; Mutz, Michael

The Olympic Games, National Identification and the Moderating Role of the Media 



Bennike, Søren; Ottesen, Laila 

Different non-profit regimes within voluntarily organised recreational football ‒ a Danish case

Hinojosa, Ingrid; Andrés, Ana; Soler, Susanna

Coaching profession from a gender perspective in Spain 

Kotlík, Kamil; Slepičková, Irena

The adolescents´ participation in sport in the context of family social status

Dupont, Tyler

Subcultural Identity Development and Performance on Social Media: American Skateboarders and Instagram 



Lunch/Faculty restaurant


Keynote by Professor Jim Parry: The Impossibility of Empirical Phenomenology

Chair: Sterchele, Davide


Winner of Young Research Award

Chair: Sterchele, Davide

Chloe Maclean: Fighting with the senses: Negotiating space, power, and gendered embodiment through sensuous engagement in mixed-sex karate practice



Delorme, Nicolas: Announcement of 15th eass conference 2018 in Bordeaux, France



Nagel, Siegfried: Closing ceremony